New Family Members

15 Aug

There is a local shop here called, Super Pets, which I enjoy more than Petco or PetSmart. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably because the employees are nicer and seemingly more knowledgeable. Perhaps super is better than smart?

I walked in today to purchase some cat food and asked if they carried any dog food dishes that deterred ants. I wanted one that had a reservoir of water surrounding the dish because, luckily, ants don’t swim. They didn’t carry anything like that, so go make a fortune by inventing one. (You’re welcome.)

Afterwards, I wandered over to the fish and reptile area. We currently have two of three goldfish that we won at a carnival many moons ago. We thought they would all die rather quickly, but instead the two are thriving in a ten-gallon tank. Paul is not one for keeping them, and continually jokes about “accidental flushings,” so what did I do?

I bought more fish.

Based on my questions to The Fish Man at Super Pets, some freshwater fish require heated tanks in the winter, meaning only certain ones can handle colder temperatures like a goldfish. So I picked two sailfin mollies, a white balloon molly, and a black-tailed molly. I enjoy molly fish, apparently.

I didn’t think I would like the white molly very much (shown bottom left), and completely bought her to add color variety in the tank. But, she is turning out to be very cute and spritely to watch. Alas, one of the sailfins (top right) is quite aggressive; you can see him chasing the other sailfin male in the top left. I’m hoping he gets over his ego and doesn’t cause too much stress on the others or I’ll have to replace him.

I’m sure Paul is rooting for it to turn into Thunderdome.


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