Laundering Mold

24 Aug

I tossed in the whites today for washing. My eco-savvy self knows that I shouldn’t wash until there’s a large load. So, that’s what I do: huge loads. Understandably, this means whites don’t get done for a while because we don’t own many white things. Plus, Paul has so many Hard Rock t-shirts that he wouldn’t need to wash for an entire month. (Thanks, Dana.)

While I was tossing in each stinky piece of fabric, I neared the bottom of the basket and pulled up one of the Hard Rock shirts. It had spotty green areas all over it and I decided, hm – dirty shirt with green spots? That’s something to smell!

Don’t ever do that.

Apparently, a wet towel was thrown in at the bottom of the basket and Paul’s shirt sat atop it for who knows how long. Mold decided what a lovely piece of real estate this was and moved on in.

I told Paul that I threw out his shirt, and he asked, why didn’t I just wash it with the whites? Oh, I don’t know, because I didn’t want to MIX MOLD WITH MY WHITE TOWELS. The towels I use to dry my sparkling clean body. Not to mention, you have enough Hard Rock shirts to clothe India.

Technically, I didn’t throw it out, I just put it on the ground for Sequestered Washing (along with the wet towel it sat on). That’s the kind of wife I am; I know that Paul wouldn’t want to throw out a moldy shirt that he has a stockpile of – he just wants it cleaned, woman!


One Response to “Laundering Mold”

  1. Tamara August 29, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    I love your blog! Now I can stalk you. Muahahaha.

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