Perpetual Calendars

30 Aug

This is my first post in the Style and Design category. Expect future opinions on what looks good or functions well, and on the rare occasion, what looks good AND functions well. I don’t assume that you’ll agree with the opinions, but at least you’ll be exposed to some taste. Perhaps some will rub off on you.

Firstly – perpetual calendars. Yum.

What exactly is a perpetual calendar? The technical definition would be “a type of dating system that makes it possible to find the correct day of the week for any date over a wide range of years.” But, the one shown above doesn’t fall under the technical definition, it’s defined by the fact that it will help keep track of the date over the span of many, many years.

Why? Because the year isn’t included. Sometimes the month or day isn’t included. But, no year means no need to purchase a new calendar. Ever.

Perpetual calendars could be considered an annoying hindrance [by my husband] because you’re responsible for changing the information, but they’re so neat, you shouldn’t care. I enjoy the interaction instead of the usual display on my monitor about the time and date and task list I have yet to get through in how long?

But, not only do you save money from not having to buy a new calendar each year, you can be environmentally friendly by cutting down on paper waste. Show them off at a receptionist’s desk, in an office, hang one on the back of a door, place another in the library or study (if you’re so special that you have one of those rooms), or even give them as housewarming gifts. Although, I wouldn’t suggest you have them in all of those places at once; you would have to update each one you own, every day.

I love the vintage versions, and there are many cheap ones to find on eBay. I own the Eiffel Tower version from Vickerey that you can see up top, but all they have now is the Fruit design. The following images are others I found online, from modern to not-so-modern.

Live Science's (very) Modern Perpetual Calendar $37

Enzo Maris Perpetual Calendar

Enzo Mari's Perpetual Calendar $120+

MoMas Perpetual Calendar (comes in black too)

MoMa's (comes in black too) at Target $35

Vintage Wood Perpetual Calendar

Vintage-inspired Wood Version. $14

Vintage - with a flip clock. But, $146? Ouch.

Vintage - even has a flip clock. But, $146? Ouch.

Vintage Reversible Tin Globe (very unique)

Vintage reversible tin globe (very unique)! $68


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