Moses with Zombie Slaves

8 Sep

Yesterday afternoon, I picked up my four-year-old niece so that her parents could run their errands without her kicking them in the shins. Her family is leaving tomorrow for a trip, and before any of their trips, errands and shin-kicking usually occur.

We ate our chicken nuggets (even though they gave us the wrong dipping sauce, damn it) while watching the Boomerang channel. First, it started off with The Smurfs, which she has never seen before. I know, she’s a blasphemer. After that, it was Jabberjaw. I’ve never seen this show, but it’s much like Scooby Doo with a Great White shark instead of a Great Dane. (A shark that acts like Rodney Dangerfield and Curly from the Three Stooges. Somewhat annoying? Yes.)

The episode, The Bermuda Triangle Tangle, dealt with a sorceress named Madame Sargasso. She was brainwashing people into mining diamonds as they were the source of all her power.
Sargasso yells, “You’ll be my zombie slaves!”
My niece says, “that’s like Moses.”
“Moses what?”
“Moses’ life.”

I [smartly] deduce that zombie slaves has the word slaves, which reminds her that Moses’ was a slave, or freed them anyway. So to confirm, I ask her, “Oh, because Moses was a slave too?”


We finished the episode and watched Popeye, then Sailor Moon in Japanese because she wouldn’t allow me to stop the DVD to put in an English version. I think I’m the coolest Aunt ever.

Disclaimer: My niece doesn’t kick shins. If anything, we kick her shins.


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