Amazon’s Universal Wish List

20 Sep

I like to shop without spending money. If I had the money to spend, this would probably be a different story. But when I’m shopping without money, it means I’m browsing the internet, clicking around with a finger addicted to crack. Click click click. I end up in new and exciting places, looking at new and exciting items I can’t buy. I’ll favorite items in my bookmarks, or I’ll favorite the entire site if I just can’t get enough of their wares.

My tastes range from vintage and Victorian to modern and quirky. I think you may call that eclectic, but not in the hippie or chotchkie way (although I might have some chotchkies). Eclectic basically means my home is probably going to look like a time machine threw up and then farted.

Hopefully the time machine skips most of the 70’s or 80’s though. Those are eras I know I don’t like much of – bell bottoms, oversized flowers, paisley, gigantic shoulders, teased hair, and scrunchies? Shudder.

So as I save all of these items for possible inspiration or in-my-wildest-dreams purchasing, I realize I don’t have a single place to set up a registry for a future baby, or a house warming – and we certainly didn’t have one for our wedding.

Tonight, I found out that Amazon now has a Universal Wish List Button.

Paul and I have discussed something like this for a long while now. I have always wanted a website that acted as one place to gather all the items on a wish list in an organized fashion from ANY website of my choosing. I don’t want a wish list on your website and a wish list on that website, and so on. Then have to tell friends and family, hey! here are all my wish lists across the GAMUT OF THE INTERNET.

Now, thanks to Amazon, I am closer to that one place. Just drag their button into your Favorites or Bookmarks. Whenever you’re on a webpage that has an item you want to add to your wish list, go to your favorites and click “Add to Wish List”.

My Amazon Wish Lists are fairly extensive already, but they were obviously only for items on Amazon. Now, I can be on any website, click their Universal Wish List in my favorites, and up pops a screen that asks me the price of the item on the page, any comments I wish to add, and which Amazon Wish List to place it in. You can also choose the photo of the item, incase there are several photos on the page to choose from. (Sometimes the photo shows up in your list, sometimes they don’t. I think Amazon is working everything out.)


This means a baby shower, wedding registry, and even your letter to Santa Claus is going to kick über butt. Just send ’em one link to one place, listing everything you’ve ever wanted.

You can visit my Amazon lists (they’re organized on the left), and check out how items on another webpage show up.

And then buy me something.

No, I’m just kidding.

Wait until I’m done adding all the items from my bookmarked collections.


2 Responses to “Amazon’s Universal Wish List”

  1. Nancy September 21, 2008 at 6:13 pm #

    Muriel, I must say I like your Amazon Wish List. It will be very helpful for Christmas.
    Does this mean you no longer want Helicopter lessons?

    Love Mom

  2. Muriel September 21, 2008 at 6:28 pm #

    Not technically. Perhaps I should find the helicopter lessons online and add them to my Amazon wishlist?

    What a great idea! =)

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