A New Photography Venture

21 Sep

The only samples of my photography (new and old) is what I place on my Flickr page, and that’s mostly for friends and family with equipment that is either borrowed or not professional quality. But, I’ve always appreciated photography, especially photojournalism and candid shots of people, events, and places.

I’ve been shooting amateurly for… ever. Well, not forever, but my dad was/is a photographer, so as a child I had a camera. I’ve always enjoyed it, but being paid or promoting myself was never something I actively pursued. I’ve shot products and lifestyle imagery, as well as those events that seem to have family and friends in them. Those never cease to pop up for some reason…

When I got engaged, I had to plan a wedding. Did you know that? After finding a venue and reserving our date, the first thing I researched was wedding photography. Although we were on a budget, we placed importance on the photographer. Usually, it’s one of the most important aspects of your wedding, since it’s really the only thing that lasts. Even after your dress, which you’ll probably store in a closet and never see again for another 15 years.

I went through so many websites and such large lists of contacts, that I’m amazed I can still click a mouse. There were many gorgeous portfolios, and with that came absolutely sky-high prices. I loved one photographer’s work, called her up, and found out she was a MINIMUM of $10,000 and wouldn’t allow us to have copies of the original digital files. Well then. Not feelin’ the love now.

As I went through each photographer’s work, eliminating really bad ones (you know you’re out there) and really expensive ones (these are easy to find), I came to the realization that if I could shoot my own wedding, I would’ve. Ever since we began planning, Paul and I said we could do this. We could be wedding photographers at reasonable prices with great work.

So, I’m very excited to announce that my photography experience is going to expand.

For whatever reason, last week, I nonchalantly contacted wedding photographers I hadn’t come across before. I only found them recently and followed their blog because I enjoyed their work. When I realized they were very local, I shot over an email asking about volunteer or employment because I would like to see if shooting weddings would be something I liked. (Or something I despised.) I included my Flickr account and figured I would probably receive some automated reply apologizing for having no time and enough staff.

They replied, and to my surprise said, “let’s meet!”

So we did, and we liked each other. We talked for 2.5 hours – he liked my personality, I liked that he didn’t care that I didn’t have a printed portfolio.

I’ll soon be attending actual client sessions for training, then directing wedding parties on my own, and if I’m any good, I’ll become an associate photographer for them. And unlike some businesses, these guys want you to go off on your own. I’m very excited and already have plans for where all of this can take me.

I’m ready, I can do this. And I can do it really well.
If this works out for us, perhaps life will be a little less stressful (money-wise).

Canon digital SLR, here I come!


2 Responses to “A New Photography Venture”

  1. Tamara September 22, 2008 at 11:48 am #

    Whoo hooo!! That is excellent! Good luck! I did one wedding and promised myself to never do another one again LOL! I will stick to booger nosed children, pooping infants, and pregnant chicks. Yeah.. that’s more my speed. You will do wonderful I bet! I will have to keep an eye on your Flickr page to see if you add anything from the sessions. What Canon camera are you looking to get?

  2. Marilyn September 23, 2008 at 1:06 am #

    This is SUCH a good news :) I’m glad you’re doing this, well done!

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