Dear Music, I Love You

24 Sep

Dear Music,

You had me at A Minor.

I don’t know too much about you, but I sure love you in my life. It seems that whatever mood I’m in, you know precisely how to match it so that my life feels more complete. I could be happy, and you’ll take me out for dancing and drinks. I could be sad, and you’ll have me realize I’m not alone. I could be angry, and we’ll thrash about together in the car. I’ll want peace, and you bring piano concertos.

You’re like the best friend that always knows what to say.

I know you’re not faithful. How could you be? You have so much personality, I wouldn’t be able to handle it all. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Only for you am I willing to share our stories with others. Why? Because I know you need it more than I do. You need to flaunt your talents and flirt with new faces. If I were to try and stop you, I feel it would just make matters worse for me. And really, seeing you with others is kind of a turn on.

I love you.
And you don’t have to say anything back.


My music catalog covers a wide gamut, enough to place “WIDE LOAD” on it so that you notice on the highway as you cut me off. But, where do I find all of this free (and legal) music? Here are my top three sites, in no particular order:

I Guess I’m Floating

I also use Pandora and occasionally,
Because everyone should.

These sites expose me to new artists, in all genres, all the time. I try to keep up with each one, but at this point, it’s impossible. I’ll still thank them though. Without sites like theirs, I think I’d have to rely on spending money, and I can’t do that right now. I think milk is more of a priority, right? Even so, thanks to them, there are songs and artists I find that lead to purchases of entire catalogs. It’s a sickness.


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