My Mom at The Staples Center. Oh, and Neil Diamond.

7 Oct

Taken on my crappy cell phone camera.

Last Saturday night, I found myself sitting in the Staples Center, watching Neil Diamond take his jacket off to a crowd of screaming Women. I capitalized women because they were of an age that was slightly higher than mine and that deserves some sort of acknowledgment, right? Paul and I went with my parents to celebrate their anniversary this year. We had great aisle seats, which meant we couldn’t sit side-by-side, but that didn’t matter. We all had great a view and could practically touch Neil’s shoes.

I only know five or so of Neil’s catalog – the popular ones, like Sweet Caroline, Coming to America, and You Don’t Bring Me Flowers. And I bet, when you read Sweet Caroline, you started singing it in your head.


He sang the chorus an extra time with the audience. I think that’s required of him in concert.

I felt like I shouldn’t have had my seat, that I should’ve given it up to a more avid Neil Diamond fan (like my sister-in-law, who I think would’ve jumped me if I flashed her the ticket). But after the whole experience, I wouldn’t have given my seat up for the world. Why?

I sat behind my mom. Once the concert started, my mom stood up and danced in the aisle, clapping her hands and waving her arms in the air because Neil Diamond is Right There. RIGHT THERE. She seemed so happy and I don’t usually see much of that side of her. I think I watched her reactions more than I watched Neil.

If I was allowed a camera, I would’ve wanted to take a picture of my mom’s silhouette, dancing and cheering in a crowd. But, I think I’ll always remember it anyhow.

Happy “Silver” Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


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