Conversations with Paul: 2

22 Nov

Last night, I was on location from 4pm until 3:30am. At around 1am, I said to hell with it and changed my heels for flats. I literally lost feeling in my feet, which was great, until the pain from standing for hours began transferring to my back.

Towards the end, for about an hour, we had to slow dance. Over and over again. I don’t know why, but I figure the only reason must be that the actors forgot how to speak English.

At some point, perhaps around 2am, I shut my eyes and put my head on my partner’s shoulder as we slowly spun in circles, “I could just fall asleep right now.” He said he would leave me there when they yelled cut. He’s such a nice guy.

I finally woke up today, and told Paul all of what went on for those 12 hours…

Him: You were slow dancing?
Me: Yeah, for an hour or so!
Him: Did you have your arms around him?
Me: Of course.
Me: …do you know what slow dancing is?
Him: Was your head on his shoulder?
Me: Yeah! Well, not completely.
Me: Do you need to see pictures of slow dancing?
Him: Was he hitting on you?
Me: No, we met before, he’s a nice guy.
Him: Why wasn’t he hitting on you? Is there something wrong with him?


One Response to “Conversations with Paul: 2”

  1. Charity November 22, 2008 at 11:07 pm #

    Snort. I love “Do you need to see pictures of slow dancing?”

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