Higgins Buys Stock in Pilates Gear

25 Nov

Our cat, Higgins, is a strange one. When he was a kitten, he had a very human personality; we always amused ourselves by imagining that he assumed he would grow into a person – that being a cat was just a phase. One day, I’ll grow up and open cans of tuna just like you, Daddy.

Lo and behold, he’s still a cat.

One of his idiosyncrasies is The Stretch. He stretches everywhere, and usually upwards. Not just when he wakes up, but throughout the entire day. On walls, on doors, on furniture, and on me. I’m not sure why he does this, or why he doesn’t do it to anyone else, but I’m glad I usually wear jeans because I don’t trim his nails often enough.

higgins stretching
higgins orgasmically stretching

I think he was having an orgasm in that last photo…


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