Goodbye 2008

1 Jan

(I meant for this to post 5 minutes before midnight, but WordPress did not agree. I guess my first entry for 2009 is a look in the past, sigh.)

I’m sure by the time you read this, you were just A) throwing up into the Porcelain Pedestal of Salvation, B) sleeping in until 2pm, or C) working at your job, in which case, that sucks. Either way, hello 2009!

In honor of the new year, I would like to end 2008 with our first holiday “newsletter.” Generally, I can’t stand these things. Sorry family, but knowing about your kiddo’s toilet training, your husband’s new tool set, or the last quilt you quilted isn’t on my priority list of Things to End the Year. I’ll be honest, those letters are usually touting celebrations and trips and positiveness that I usually can’t handle. Envy gets the best of me, and I always think that it’s all BS. Why don’t we get serious and discuss the bad stuff too? I mean, I’m a fairly optimistic person, but even I know shit has hit the fan more often than not. Shit does not skip a year, people!

Imagine if I had a letter for 2005? Oh, geez.

So, Paul and I decided that since we’re married now, we might as well start a tradition of sending out entertaining holiday letters. Most of our family and friends didn’t even understand what our letter was really about. Although Paul’s Mom’s uncle, who’s in his 80’s, totally got the humor. Perhaps one of you will too.

Click here to read a PDF of our holiday letter.

Happy 2009, everyone.


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