Seeing Me on TV. Fer real, yo.

9 Feb

I keep a record of the shows I’ve worked on as a background actor. Mostly because it’s very easy to forget and I would like to remain appreciative of the work. I’m already pretty jaded to the whole idea of celebrity or Hollywood; and I should be because I’ve lived here my entire life. But, when you’re booked on so many projects, you just don’t take the time to find out which episode you’re on or when the film is coming out. And, you don’t even bother to Tivo the episodes anymore.

The family has been more excited than me. They wonder who said what and what we did and how was the food. I guess they keep me excited about the business, which helps, because the business is really unexciting sometimes. And ungrateful! For the standing on heels for hours and the 2nd-class status…

I’ve lost interest in seeing if I’m seen. Usually, I’m not. Or I’m not seen enough to care to remember anymore. I’ve only seen two shows that I was background in and they were pretty lame views.

Well, I went to Hulu last night to check up on… nothing. I just wanted to poke around and see if anything funny or interesting caught my eye.

As you probably know, Hulu has a little slideshow on their homepage to entice you into what’s new and what you may want to watch. When Life’s preview came up, I noticed Damian Lewis was holding a plane. Then I read the description. Hey, that’s my episode. So we watched it, and by “we” I mean Paul, because I continued working on some photos on my other monitor. Paul even wondered why I wasn’t watching, what if I missed my part, how could I know when I might be on!?

Well, you just know. You remember the scene you were a part of, and the dialog that may have been said, and so you know.

At 37 minutes into the episode, I said, “oh oh! this is it.” And then BAM! There I was. Full body, fully viewable, fully there. I hadn’t seen that before and I got all excited.

“Oh my god! That’s me! Look!”
“You’re looking at the camera.”
“No, I’m not! I made it a point to just watch the actors because the cameras were right there, staring at my face.”
“Ooh, look at that turn of your head.”
“I know, I’m awesome.”

And even if the cameras are right there, you never really know if you’ll be seen well. Mostly because lenses are mighty tools and they’re zoomed in or zoomed out, or the depth of field is shallow… so I don’t get my hopes up. I don’t make it a point to seek out the camera. Mostly, as an actor, I just live in my little world – without cameras and crew – just so I don’t look like those guys that make those silly mistakes because they think they can’t be seen as a background actor. You notice them all the time once you’re one of them.

But, I was there. Clear as day. And several times at that.

So, without further ado, TA-DA:

Me on Life
Me on Life 02

Do you see me?

And, I don’t normally watch Life. Do you? It seemed like a strange show. Damian though, he was really great in Dreamcatcher

So there you have it. Me. Straight into your home. Look out, Oscars! ;)


2 Responses to “Seeing Me on TV. Fer real, yo.”

  1. Marilyn February 10, 2009 at 4:56 am #

    OMG! I can’t believe you were THERE! I watched the episode this week-end and I absolutely LOVE this show! Damian’s character is too funny (and weird in a good way) and the chemistry works great with the one played by Sarah Shahi.

    Lucky you! :)

  2. Charity February 26, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

    Dude! Very, very cool.

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