The Love in the House

16 Feb

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day went smoothly, whether you had a Valentine or not. My Saturday was spent working for the most part. I didn’t go out until the following day, which meant I avoided crowds. HA, CROWDS! You missed me! So we saw two films in the theater, Coraline in 3D and The International with Clive Owen (mmm, yummy).

There was lots of love present: some iced coffees, dinner at a random place in Sierra Madre, and a Tivo’d movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, with some Cold Stone goodness at home. And I even have some left over in the freezer which means even more love tonight.

But, another true love of my life is a real man of the house. The one that poos in the bedroom and sleeps all day, steps all over my back, and whines when he isn’t fed…

I just love when he sleeps with me.


One Response to “The Love in the House”

  1. Adrienne Gunde February 24, 2009 at 12:05 pm #

    Such a cute kitty! That last pic is awesome :) Thanks for dropping by my blog – very cool that you’re in LA as well! Hope to see you around town at a workshop or get-together!

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