Hiking 8 Miles is Death

3 Mar

Hi, everyone! Today I’m posting about a hike I made on Sunday with a friend of mine. He invited me along and I saw that the group was going to go 4 miles on the Eagle Rock Loop Trail in Topanga Canyon. I thought, hell, that isn’t too bad, even though I haven’t hiked in 2 years. Or exercised in… ever. Frankly, I may be thin, but my body is not “fit.” My muscles are practically non-existent and my heart can barely handle a quick sprint to the car.

But you know what, I wanted to get out. It was to be beautiful weather (and it was) after many drizzly and overcast days. I figured that four miles won’t be awful as long as the trail is easy. Online, it said that it was a fire road, which to me meant nothing. I figured a fire road was just a flat and wide dirt road that you can drive on incase there are brush fires to be put out. How bad could that be? The group told me the hike should be fine. I told them that if I died, please carry me back to the car.

And guess what? It wasn’t four miles. The group “decided” to go the longer route, which was a 6-mile trip. I just about had a heart attack. IS THIS NOT A DEMOCRACY? Do we not get a vote on this?! So we hiked. And hiked. And it was mostly uphill – up to Eagle Rock – and the first break the group even took was around the 3-mile mark. THREE MILES WITHOUT STOPPING. How do these people do it?! (Answer: They hike at least every week, and some are prior military/athletic fanatics.)

I was always found massively behind the group, in the back, in shady spots, snapping a photo or two (just as an excuse to stop walking). Obviously, I could care less if they thought I was a lazy, couch potato. I was going to go at my own pace, or I was going to fall on my face from exhaustion.

Mark and Joseph kindly waited for me at certain points, probably to make sure I wasn’t attacked by a mountain lion.

We make it back to the car, THANK HEAVENS. So I get home after a nice curry lunch with Joseph and Mark (yum!). I take a hot shower, settle into the office to go through photos, and I see a comment on my Facebook from Joseph that the hike was not 4 miles, not 6 miles, but hey, haha, EIGHT MILES.

Then I died. Again.
I guess I was thinking I would enjoy a 4-mile stroll instead of an 8-mile uphill battle from Hell.

But you know, it felt good in the end. And I decided I should do this with them every week (if they’ll still have me) because I want to be fit. I want my heart to handle 8 miles like it’s whipped cream. Tasty and smooth. I want to be outdoors more often (with sunscreen) and take pretty pictures of… grass, and mountains, and sweaty hikers.



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