Verdugo Mountain Hike

10 Mar

Hello, everyone! Well, it seems as though I’m a fitness fanatic, but I’m really not. Although, these hikes are probably going to turn into a regular Sunday adventure so that I feel as though I’m fit. Last Sunday, our hike was Verdugo Mountain Trail… and, it was daylight savings. Ouch. Losing an hour of sleep before a hike is unpleasant, but I’ve never missed a time change and it’s never affected my scheduling.

Until this year.

We completely missed the boat and arrived a whole hour late. Poor Joseph was waiting, and the only person at that, as everyone else in our group forgot too. So for this trip, only four of us showed (out of the supposed 9+).

This hike was much easier than last week’s, not just because we took the less steep trail up, but because it was only 5 miles.

Before last week’s hike, I would’ve been crazy if I said, “only 5 miles.” But now, 5 miles isn’t so bad. And my muscles weren’t even horribly sore the next day! They were a little sore. Just a little.

And I would just like to mention something here. Paul had said that he would be fine, he pushes himself all the time whenever he works out (which isn’t often), and I told him that he wouldn’t have to stay behind with me. Get your work out in and don’t worry about me; I’m fine by myself, taking photos of everyone’s backs.

So he kept saying, no, he’ll stay with me. If he wanted to just work out, he’d be running out in front of the group.


Welcome to hell, Paul:

Obviously, he hasn’t hiked in a couple years too. I was actually ahead of him! Completely okay with my lungs and heart, feeling good that I was hiking uphill and didn’t feel the need to stop. But poor Paul. He got cramps, had to stop, and kept asking if we really were going to the top of the mountain.

Yes. Yes, we were. But, like he told me, it gets easier each time you do it. So we’ll see if he goes again. =)


2 Responses to “Verdugo Mountain Hike”

  1. Justine March 10, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    Some beautiful shots, you crazy fitness junkies..!

  2. Simon March 24, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    Keep working, great job!

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