On-Set Photography, But Not

19 Mar

A while ago, Magdiela had asked me to photograph for her independent film. We were to meet in a studio and I was to be on set, doin’ my thang. Or so I thought. When I arrived, we discussed the goal of the shoot – to make the actress, who is playing an actress as her role, to be photographed as if she were being photographed as a behind-the-scenes actress.

Yeah, no wonder I didn’t understand via email.

Basically, the character is a girl who wants to be a star and she becomes one. So how does she react? What is it like for her behind the scenes?

So I arrived and quickly realized that the studio for the shoot just wouldn’t do. It had awful, bright blue walls or dead black curtains, which I’m sure comes in handy for moving pictures, but not for stationary ones. I had to use a large paper backdrop and I hate to even consider its existence, but it definitely did its job.

Andrea Martinez is the featured girl here, and she was delightful. I always love working with someone that has a natural relationship with the camera. Here are some of my favorites, including the ones where Andrea had to specifically act like a bitch. She’s not really like that, right Andrea? ;D

Be sure to check out the last shot – how sexy is she!?


2 Responses to “On-Set Photography, But Not”


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