Louise: Take Two

26 Mar

First, my blog has now been customized to show my slideshows at full size, but not in HD quality. So if you missed Mackenzie’s slideshow from my previous entry, go check it out. Or, I recommend viewing it in kick-ass HD on Vimeo’s website.


Even after our robbery debacle, Louise scheduled another photo session with me. Since the time change pushed back sunrise an hour, we stayed away from the Disney Concert Hall and slept in. Late afternoon shoots can be just as lovely anyway. We also made sure our belongings were completely out of sight or on our persons – this included her cello going into Starbucks with us during a break. It’s amazing how many people yell out at us because of that flag on her case. Yes, she’s Aussie. OK, thanks, bye.

We began at a park Louise found in downtown that was AMAZING! I love that place. And hello, spring? Welcome back! Thank you for the beautiful blooms.

Afterwards, we headed over to Venice for the canals and sand. It was cold. Really cold. I put Paul on sweater detail so that Louise wouldn’t freeze between shots. She’s quite a trooper anyhow – standing in the wind in a strapless gown (that she bought in Santa Monica, so purty!) with waves splashing behind her. I think she’s just glad I didn’t ask her to jump in because HOW ROCKIN’ WOULD THOSE SHOTS HAVE BEEN?

Thanks again for a marvelous day, Louise. I’ll see you next week for your diploma recital – dun dun dun!


2 Responses to “Louise: Take Two”

  1. Adrienne Gunde March 27, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    Muriel, these shots are amazing! The wide shots in the park especially. I think I went to the same park a few weeks ago when I was second shooting with Serena, but we were mostly on the other side away from the awesome purple flower action. I was thinking of going back there for a e-session this weekend – am now totally convinced I have to!

  2. Tamara April 1, 2009 at 11:25 pm #

    Oh maaaaaan! The ones in the field with those purple flowers are jaw dropping gorgeous! Looove them!

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