My First Day in April

2 Apr

The past couple of weeks have been… tiring. I had mentioned to my families that I couldn’t get any sleep lately. I’m tossing and turning for hours, and when I finally fall asleep, I wake up constantly throughout the night. It feels like I’m the walking dead. Waking dead? Pissed off dead.

One night, I was out to dinner with Paul’s family, and after they were done telling me how tired I looked, they asked if I was pregnant. Well, no, I thought. And Chris, my brother-in-law, of course says, “well how do you know?”

That’s when I punched him in the face. KAPOW!
No no, I just imagined that.

The news about us having children is a question that everyone on my side of the family seems to revel in asking. Any kids yet? Where’s the babies? When’s the children coming? Are your parents grandparents? Are you pregnant? Preggo? Preggy?


So yesterday, because Chris had planted this idea in my head, I decided to take a pregnancy test and share the results here with all of you. Suffice it to say, I was surprised.



April Fool’s.

You can stop asking. =)


One Response to “My First Day in April”

  1. Mom April 3, 2009 at 6:51 pm #

    Ok, you got us. We will admit you got us good. But April Fools is supposed to be funny ha ha. I was just starting to call everybody in the family before I read “April Fools.”
    Love Mom

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