Malibu Creek Hike

6 Apr

Last week’s hike was a beautiful trail in Malibu Canyon. I believe it was about 4.5 miles (round-trip) to the site which hath filmth M.A.S.H. Queue theme song.

Mostly surmised of flat areas, the hike travels past trees, creeks, rocks, dirt, horse manure, Century Lake, and people. There were a fair amount of people on a Sunday, including families with children touching poison oak. Yeah, we saw it happen. Towards the end, crowds died off, but as we returned, there were even more heading in. This is why it’s a good idea to start hikes earlier in the day.

But so far, this is my favorite trail. The scenery was gorgeous and the hike was easy to moderate. Even with our large group of about 14 people, the trails handled us well.

This is a forest, everyone. Take note:

Joseph was too lame to make the hike this week, so he met us at Mitsuwa for lunch. Supposedly, this is the best place in Los Angeles for traditional Japanese ramen. There are also other options to eat, like the bento boxes I saw on display after we had ordered ramen. Damn. Maybe next time.

And just for the sake of all that is holy – Why, Japan? Why?


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