Cherish’s Baptism at St. Clare

22 Apr

My cousin was baptized Catholic on April 11, 2009. That’s right – the day before Easter. She had warned us that the ceremony would be 3 hours long and I said PSHAW! Like I haven’t had to sit around for 3 hours in an uncomfortable seat before? Hello! I’m a background actor. I’ve had to sit on cold, wet bleachers during the wee hours of the morning for 10 excruciating hours.

I was more worried about being inside a Catholic church. I haven’t been to mass in… in… I suppose since our friends got married. Oh no, wait, I was in Notre Dame, December 2007. Although, there wasn’t a mass. And, I’m no longer Catholic. I guess it doesn’t matter anyhow.

So, her parents and some friends met Cherish for a dinner reception before the baptism at Bella Cucina in Santa Clarita. Do you know how far Santa Clarita is from this house? Far. But, I like Cherish; she’s pretty.

We had a lovely dinner, Cherish received lovely gifts, and we left for the church. We arrived at 7:30pm, right when the whole shebang was supposed to begin. I snapped some photos outside and waited to be ushered into the church for a seat.


No seats. Anywhere.

You’ll see in the photos – that place was packed and it was standing room only. I was lucky to even find spots to take photos of Cherish. But a photographer must be fearless! She must be agile and brave! She must stand in 2″ heels for 3 hours!?

Oh, Cherish, how you owe me big time. ;D

View the slideshow below. (Email and RSS readers will need to visit this entry directly to see the slideshow.)

All in all, I was glad to attend because Cherish deserved support. The church was beautiful, the mass was lovely, and I especially loved visiting her home afterwards. She is quite the decorator!

I have ditched Muvee Reveal for my slideshows and now use ProShow Gold. I’m done with the crashes and freezing!


3 Responses to “Cherish’s Baptism at St. Clare”

  1. Dana April 22, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    Moo, I love the video…and yes…Cherish is beautiful!

  2. Bryan Jordan April 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    Wow, The slideshow is very nice! It made me feel like i was actually there!

    Good Stuff!



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