Galaxy Soccer with Bryan

30 Apr

Bryan is another cousin, Cherish’s brother, and he contacted me one evening, saying he had free tickets to his game the following night. I had mentioned to him before that I would like to go and see what football – I’m sorry, soccer – was like in the big leagues. And to cheer him on and eat nachos. With jalapeños. That’s how I roll.

I’ve never been to a soccer game, and frankly, professional sports don’t have many notches in my belt. Dodger games – check! And… that’s it.

So, I quickly tallied up who in the family wanted to go to the Galaxy game. And when I say quickly, I mean as slow as molasses on a winter mornin’ in Alaska. If you know how this family operates, it takes about 15 questions and 7 phone calls to get a yes or no answer. And it all comes with stories as to why the yes, or why the no, and eventually, I end up laughing at the fact that I told Bryan I would “call you right back.”

HA! HAHA! Jokes on you, Bryan!

Anyway, Bryan and Cherish aren’t blood related to me, so I’m allowed to say that Bryan is cute. The gals seem to think so anyway. I’m sure Beckham has his following, but Bryan does too.

The game itself – uneventful. We lost. BOO! But, there are two Galaxy “groups” that apparently come to every home game with a drummer that just bangs away the entire time. They were some Crazies. So I enjoyed the energy in the stadium, seeing someone I actually know play in a professional game… and the nachos.

(I just read about Bryan tying the game on the 18th. WTF, Bryan? You couldn’t do that while I was there?!)

Anyway, thanks for the tickets, BJ =)

This is Bryan, warming up. (I wasn’t allowed a lens longer than 3″.)

After the game, it’s very dark.

And very empty.

PS. Weird tidbit – Andrea was there, just a row in front of us! And I saw Danny from American Idol too. He was shopping in the fan store and still reminds me of an overweight Robert Downey Jr.


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