March for Maddie and Babies and Dimes

2 May

Last Saturday, I headed out to attend the March for Babies to meet the March for Maddie team. I walked in honor of Madeline Spohr (d. 2009), my brother Karl (d. 1987), and all of the families that have been effected by a baby requiring that extra care.

The team met up in front of the California Science Center, then headed out to the stage area to watch Heather Spohr give her heartwarming and heartbreaking speech. So many in the audience (and on stage) couldn’t help but tear up. I don’t know how she did it, but the Spohrs are very strong people to be able to tell their story.

Before I continue with the photos, I would like to thank all of you that donated towards my goal. I really didn’t think I would come close to reaching $1000 in two weeks, let alone surpass it! But I did, and it was all because of those who gave whatever they could to help in this struggle. I even had some neighbors respond to my letter after the March, asking if it was too late to donate!

So thanks again, everyone! Here is the honorable list of donators. (Let me know if you’d rather not show on this list.)

Elizabeth B.
Janet B.
Adriana C.
Chris & Dana C.
Jose C. & Linda A.
Lawrence C.
John D.
Martina D.
John & June F.
Christina G.
Pauline H.
Mary J.
Paul & Nancy J.
Jacqueline L.
May L.
Andy & Christine M.
Cindy M.
Don M.
Tai M. & Ivy D.
Maryann N.
Fred & Sarah P.
Daniel & Denise R.
Jennifer R.
Birgitte S.
Janice S.
Jason & Vanessa W.


One Response to “March for Maddie and Babies and Dimes”

  1. Adrienne Gunde May 5, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    So great that you did this! There are so many heartwarming shots in this set – it must have been an amazing experience to have participated!

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