Fryman Canyon Hike

5 May

I didn’t like this hike on Sunday. For some reason, I wasn’t even in the mood to photograph the trip. I think that’s called being in a funk? A ridiculously long funk that lasted until the following day.

This trail goes into a canyon and out into residential areas of expensive and large homes on Iredell Lane. Did you know there are people that come out to vacuum and detail your car while you watch Tivo’d episodes of Family Guy, eating your extra sharp cheddar cheese with fois gras and caviar?

That’s what I imagined the owner was doing anyway.

I don’t know where we were as we traveled through the canyon, and I’ve looked at the area on Google Maps, but it’s all confuzzling. We ended up on Iredell, then Fryman Road, through a fire road dead ending at one house’s backyard, then another home which was abandoned. So, we of course went through the abandoned property and ended up on Mulholland Place, walking up Mulholland Drive back to the parking lot.

We have a sense of direction.

But why didn’t I like the hike? Too much asphalt, not enough views, crowded one-person trails… but mostly, the funk. Would I do this hike again? Eh. Ehhhh.


One Response to “Fryman Canyon Hike”

  1. iheartfilm May 5, 2009 at 4:40 pm #

    The lighting in these is really warm.

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