Solstice Canyon without the Sol

14 May

It was an overcast day in the Los Angeles area, which was nice. Although, I would rather have that kind of weather for next Sunday’s hike because there will be no shade in them there parts.


Anyway! This trail in the Malibu area had quite a lot of flowers. I didn’t photograph them all because everywhere you looked: flowers. Oh, flowers! Wait those are, yeah, flowers. Enough so that I wished there was an iPhone app where I could photograph a plant or flower and it would tell me that I was dumb for not knowing it was a parry’s phacelia.

I don’t have an iPhone anyhow.

Besides flowers, this trail takes you along the ruins of two different homes: Around 1865, Matthew Keller built a stone cottage, the cottage is believed to be the oldest existing stone building in Malibu. Another home was built on the property in 1952, and burned down in 1982. Architect, Paul Williams, designed the house for property owners Fred and Florence Roberts. Today, you can see a small part of the past in the horseshoes and colorful pieces of glass glittering in the walkways at Tropical Terrace, near the building’s foundations.

There’s also a hidden statue of the Virgin Mary, which I forgot to look for. Sigh.

This is where Joseph wasn’t looking where he was going and proceeded to jam his foot into a mud pile, which covered his shoe and splashed up his leg. And yes, I laughed.

Above is Mark, Joseph, me, Martina, and Audree (her first hike with our group!) cheesily smiling for our first timed photo. The other two came out not-so-good.


2 Responses to “Solstice Canyon without the Sol”

  1. Doug May 14, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    Looks so cooooool! Why is there a house in the middle of the forest?

  2. Mom May 21, 2009 at 9:10 am #

    Hey, it’s been a week, already we need an update.

    Mom :)

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