A Weekend at Big Bear Lake

29 May

This Memorial Day weekend was spent in Big Bear. Surprisingly, I have never been there. My parents usually saw this area as vacations in the snow. We didn’t ski, snowboard, or lounge in cabins. And, spending time in the snow was better with family in Canada rather than a few hours east.

First off, I love the outdoors. Mostly, I love hiking. And camping is fun too – and I’m referring to actual camping – the kind where you find a spot to pitch your tent and you start a fire to cook your dinner. Not the kind where you park your car or motorhome in a designated space next to another car or motorhome in their designated space, while your portable grill sits on top of a picnic table, sizzling the ribs you packed in your ice chest.

I have done both styles of camping and roughin’ it is more fun. ROUGHIN’ IT makes me feel happy.

Well, it occasionally does. Sometimes, being pampered is nice, and this weekend was more of a pampered situation. Dana booked a cabin with a full kitchen, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a jacuzzi, pool table, and 2-car garage. I wouldn’t call this place a cabin at all. Nancy bought the food to fill the refrigerator and I helped cook the meals. THAT WAS ALL I HAD TO DO. Isn’t family wonderful?

My main interest during our 3-day stay was finding and choosing a hiking trail. I went with Pine Knot to Grand View Point (6.5 miles). Photos for this trail will be in the next entry – yay!

But, if you must see all the shots of the trip right now, below you will find a slideshow. (RSS and email readers will need to visit this entry directly to view the slideshow.) If you have a slow internet connection and the slideshow is skipping or freezing, pause it and wait for the grey bar to load completely before pressing Play again. This should help.


2 Responses to “A Weekend at Big Bear Lake”

  1. Mom May 29, 2009 at 11:03 pm #

    I LOVE IT! Wish we were still there. Looking forward to Hawaii.

    Love Mom.

  2. Lisa June 4, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    Nice slideshow and photos. That last photo has such a warm feeling to it. But I feel like such a creep whenever I come by here, haha.

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