Mackenzie’s Last T-Ball Game

3 Jun

My 5-year-old niece, Mackenzie, just wrapped up her T-Ball season this past Saturday. So I thought I would post some photos I took of her at one of her earlier games. She randomly ended up on the Red Sox, which is my team by the way. Officially, I don’t follow any sport, but if I were to choose a baseball team as “mine,” the Red Sox would be it.

And why? Because of Cheers. Y’all remember Cheers, right? With Sam Malone and Diane Chambers and Rebecca Howe and Woody Boyd and NORM! Yup, that’s my reason for choosing the Red Sox – because of a show I loved to watch and still Tivo.

I obviously don’t care about the Yankees and Red Sox feud, but I would love to be in Boston at a Red Sox game someday, saying things like, YANKEES SUCK! EAT MY SHORTS! Or whatever you say at those things.


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