Paolo’s Birthday Party Extravaganza!

29 Jun

I have been feeling under the weather. I think staying awake for 23 hours straight is bad for my immune system. I came down with aches and chills, but no fever… then a horrible abdominal discomfort that I couldn’t shake for two days.

But this past Saturday, I shlepped myself together for an audition in the afternoon and a surprise party in the evening. At least everything was nearby in Pasadena. The party theme was Spongebob Squarepants – and if you know me, you know that I don’t care much for this character. His bob-like sponge with pants of squares? No, thanks. So I told my friend I would only attend if there was a person dressed as S.B.S. so I could punch him in the face.

Jokes, people.

Sadly, there was no one in full regalia, so I just snapped some photos.

The following two photos of me were taken by my friend, Diana. I like to grab her mobile phone and photograph a random person’s face to set as the wallpaper. She likes to take my camera and snap shots of me. Go figure.

This is Jade – he is a cool guy.
Although this photo may say otherwise.

Here is Paolo after being deveiled for his surprise!
I think my flash just about blinded him and everyone there. I’m glad I was behind the camera. =)


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