I Cry

11 Aug

I didn’t cry at weddings until I began photographing them. I have to attribute this to becoming so engrossed in whatever is happening, and trying to capture the emotion that’s so heavy in the air, that I become emotional myself. Or, I’m just a really sensitive wreck.

There’s a moment during each wedding where my eyes well up and I just can’t help it.

At Natalie and Casey’s wedding (at the beautiful French Estate), I could barely look through my lens during her father-daughter dance. At first, they held each other at a distance while her father sang along to the song. But then, Natalie just grabbed him in close and they held each other in a hug so tightly, swaying to the music. Ugh, that hug got me. Even my second shooter, Diana was having a rough time. At the reception, we couldn’t look at each others’ photos of the moment.

In My Life by The Beatles

The dance was set to The Beatles’ In My Life and I can hardly read the lyrics without becoming all emotional. And now, I’m listening to it and getting all teary. Sigh.


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