Our Adopted Puppy

21 Jul

Our puppy comes home tomorrow!

Our new addition comes home tomorrow from Pasadena Humane Society! I’m so excited and nervous. It’s been an insane process these past two weeks (I even reviewed PHS on Yelp).

We’ll have to see how she does with our cats… but so far, she’s great with toys, people, and other dogs. Even knows how to sit. Hopefully she’s welcomed at the dog park so all her energy doesn’t go into side-swiping me in our tiny apartment.

I obviously couldn’t stay away from Hailey’s breed, and I’m just glad we’re able to rescue one. It’s very disheartening to see so many pit bulls in the shelters when all they really needed was love and understanding. And even to this day, I miss Hailey wholeheartedly; I have to do right by her and give another pitty a home.

Oh, and we haven’t settled on a name yet. Jade’s thinking Ozmodiar. Yeah, I don’t agree.


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