Finally Instagramming

18 Jun


When Facebook bought Instagram and it entered the Android Market, now known as Google Play, I didn’t think I would like the app much. Most of the photos I had seen weren’t, uh, well – let’s face it – you are not a good photographer because you use Instagram. And, even when you are a good photographer, your Instagram photos can be pretty boring. Just check out the “popular” photos on your Instagram app and most of them are of girls in the-outfit-of-the-day or of guys’ food-I-am-eating.

But, I downloaded the app and now I’m addicted. 0_0

You can find me on Instagram at murielpeeks. You’ll probably see my pets and daily musings upon objects that seem interesting, or ironically not interesting. ^_^

What’s your favorite subject to Instagram-up?

Become a fan of Voir Venir on Facebook.

Or contact me. I can fill you in on the best way to drink a martini.


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