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My Own Cypress Sunset

23 Jun

Cypress Sunset

We went to a Wine and Canvas event and followed along in a group to paint a work of art. ART, PEOPLE. Mine is pictured here. Sad note: We didnt have any wine, as it’s apparently NOT included with your fee (perhaps they should change the title?) But, it was still fun.


Disney’s California Adventure: Mad Tea Party

19 Jun

I’m an annual passholder – Premium, baby. That’s right, you like that? “Free” parking and 20% off is sexy, yeah?

So, a friend and I hit up the new Disney California Adventure park and toured the Cars Land, new shops, and the pièce de résistance: The Mad T Party. This is what has replaced Electronica, except it’s every night until closing. If you thought Electronica was a subtle way to encourage drug use in the young, you haven’t experienced the Alice in Wonderland acid-trip of Mad T. Honestly, I think if I were to ever try E or acid or shrooms, my first time should be at this party. O_o

In my next post, I’ll share a video I took of one of the stage shows where someone wore a giant tubed slinky and danced. I’m so serious right now.

DJ White Rabbit

Drink Me

Cheshire Cat Candy Apple