Finally Instagramming

18 Jun


When Facebook bought Instagram and it entered the Android Market, now known as Google Play, I didn’t think I would like the app much. Most of the photos I had seen weren’t, uh, well – let’s face it – you are not a good photographer because you use Instagram. And, even when you are a good photographer, your Instagram photos can be pretty boring. Just check out the “popular” photos on your Instagram app and most of them are of girls in the-outfit-of-the-day or of guys’ food-I-am-eating.

But, I downloaded the app and now I’m addicted. 0_0

You can find me on Instagram at murielpeeks. You’ll probably see my pets and daily musings upon objects that seem interesting, or ironically not interesting. ^_^

What’s your favorite subject to Instagram-up?

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Antranik’s 1st Birthday Party!

19 Aug

I photographed Lilit’s baby shower a year ago, and now her son just enjoyed his first birthday. Even Mickey Mouse made an appearance. Congratulations to the Pogosian family! And of course, happy birthday, Antranik!

Mom and Baby

Adults are silly.

a gift of ice cream forever

Mickey Mouse showed up!

The Smirk

The Birthday Hat

Disney Details

Mom and Baby

Table Party

The Jumper

Wild Girl

Antranik's Sweet Face

And now…
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